I haven’t blogged for a long time for one reason – I’m so bloody busy! Teaching is exhausting! It is probably the most tiring job I have ever had, and I have had a few. Admin, Engineering and even a fruit and vegetable packer! I have been teaching for 12 years now and although there are some nights that I can barely get off the lounge to cook dinner for my family, I have to say that it is the most rewarding career path I have undertaken so far…

So why did I become a teacher?

Do I like kids? They’re okay! 

Am I an amazing teacher? Probably a solid 7/10 – always room for improvement. 

Do I connect well with kids? I guess I do for the most part.

Do the parents love me? I have had a complaint or two, but who hasn’t? 

So why am I a teacher even though I clearly wouldn’t put myself in the high distinction department when it comes to educating? (I might be a little harsh on myself at times)

Why am I a teacher? 

This question was put to us in a staff meeting not so long ago and to be honest I found it incredibly hard to answer. Why do we do what we do even though we are drained day in, day out? 

To all the wearied teachers out there, try to answer why you became a teacher and upon reflection it may just help you get through these crazy days of 2020. It certainly has helped me.

So why did I become a teacher? I simply love the feeling when I have genuinely helped someone. As a teacher I get to help hundreds of kids and impact on their lives in a positive way. Yes, it is about the learning, but my main philosophy is helping kids enjoy education so that they want to learn for the rest of their lives. I just enjoy making learning fun!

I guess this is also why I have created the Casual Case Website. I want to make fun and engaging resources that students enjoy but also help teachers out. If I can help some of the committed teachers out there to reduce their preparation time and increase their down time, then I like that feeling too.

So why not subscribe so that you can have more time on your hands? Subscription is only $12 for unlimited downloads for a whole year. That is only $1 a month and there are new uploads every week.

So pour yourself a wine, subscribe and simply print and teach. You deserve it!