As a teacher I constantly reflect on how I present my program. Gone are the days where your teaching program is presented in a folder with pretty printouts. I am very thankful that I now get to record my program digitally!

For all those graduating teachers out there, programming is not as daunting as you think. Each school that you work at has varying ideas on how they want your program recorded. The best thing to do is ask another teacher if you can have a look at how they do it.

I have presented my program in various way over the years depending on the content. However I understand that at this point, that doesn’t help you at all! So as I refine my program this term, I will pop up some examples on the website to give you some ideas as to how to program. I am not saying that they are the best way, but they will give you ideas and maybe a bit more confidence as you start out in your teaching career.

The first example I have posted on the website is how I present mathematics. The first table has all the information from the NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus and then I record all the activities the students have completed associated with that substrand underneath in a table. Click here to download the annotated example.

Hot tip – I can’t stress enough how staying on top of your program is essential. Make sure you record what you have done in a classroom as you teach it. It makes the process so much easier.