Have you ever wondered if your star sign impacts on what kind of teacher you are?

Find your star sign below and it will reveal your ‘teacher’ personality!

Capricorn teachers (December 22-January 19) are ambitious and determined. They make excellent role models for students however they can become workaholics. They need to remember to stop and take a breath.

Aquarius teachers (January 20-February 18) are independent and inspire their students by promoting individuality. They encourage their students to change the world and believe in themselves. All the other staff members at their school admire their originality.

Pisces teachers (February 19-March 20) are compassionate and gentle souls. They can empathise with their students, however they can sometimes become too emotionally involved. They are artistic and intuitive resulting in non traditional teaching techniques being employed in their classrooms.

Aries teachers (March 21-April 19) are confident teachers that are respected by students, staff and parents. They promote fairness and justice for all their students, however they are consistent in discipline and don’t let students get away with anything.

Taurus teachers (April 21-May 20) are reliable and predictable. They never need to be reminded to fulfil their duties because they always work diligently and can be trusted by colleagues. Sometimes their hard work is overlooked because they do their job quietly without needing praise.

Gemini teachers (May 21-June 20) have the gift of the gab and nobody can resist their charm. Their classrooms are always exciting and sometimes they can be loud! They are entertaining teachers but they also build strong positive relationships with their students.

Cancer teachers (June 21-July 20) are flexible teachers that are experts at handling change. They have an excellent sense of humour that assists students in their learning. Their classrooms are the happiest classrooms in the school. Parents always want them as their child’s teacher.

Leo teachers (July 21-August 22) love the spotlight. They have a warm personality and are often the teacher that is always remembered for a lifetime. They have boundless energy and they approach every task with optimism and enthusiasm. Leo teachers often become part of the executive within a school very quickly.

Virgo teachers (August 23-September 22) are analytical, practical and always pay attention to detail. Their classroom is well organised and functional. They are routine orientated and run their classroom like clockwork. Students love being in their class because they are made to feel important.

Libra teachers (September 23-October 22) are kind and even tempered. They love to help others and they always ensure that their students are happy and safe. Sometimes they become stressed because they find it hard to say no to additional tasks and projects.

Scorpio teachers (October 23-November 21) are passionate and understanding. Students enjoy being in their class because of their sense of humour. They are known as the ‘fun’ teacher who often educates students through artistic methods.

Sagittarius teachers (November 22-December 21) are optimistic and intelligent. They are enthusiastic in their teaching and students find their love for learning infectious. Students are never bored in their class because each day is filled with unique experiences.


I always find zodiac articles interesting and I like to see if I can see any similarities between the description and myself. Obviously, I had to research the zodiac signs and their connection to personality and teaching traits because I am a teacher…not an astrologist. If you are interested in where I got the information and you want to find out more details on the connection between your star sign and your teaching personality go to the ‘We are Teachers’ website.


Now that we have had a bit of fun…get back to work and find your resources for your lessons tomorrow!

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