As a casual teacher you need to be ready to cater for all students. This is hard when you don’t know the students. Some schools have systems in place where there is a folder or information sheet that summarises the needs of students in a particular class. However, a good casual teacher is always prepared and that is where Casual Case’s new ‘Last Days of School’ booklets are essential.

The Casual Case Christmas booklets and Christmas Craft booklets are perfect to use this time of year, but make sure you print out the matching ‘Last Days of School’ booklets as an alternative for those students who don’t celebrate Christmas. If you want to be on the safe side, just use the ‘Last Days of School’ booklets.

These booklets have fun activities in them including literacy, numeracy and craft activities. The different stages have different holiday/fun themes.

Early Stage 1 – Sea Creatures/ Fun at the beach

Stage 1 – Beach/ Under the Sea

Stage 2 – Flowers and Unicorns

Stage 3 – Surfing and the Beach

Why not try out some of our themed booklets and have some end of year fun with your students?

Other tips for catering for all students is to ask questions. Ask Office staff and other Classroom teachers if there are any students who need adjustments when teaching. Be a proactive teacher and be open with your students. Ask them if there is anything they think you should know. You will be surprised how helpful a class can be when they feel valued.

Casual Case also has a profile template that you can distribute to older students. This is a great icebreaker activity and it helps you learn about your students…especially if you are working with the class for an extended block. Click here to download the student profile sheet for free.

Your whole casual day of work can depend on those first few minutes. You need to establish expectations but also display that you value each student. Catering for their individual needs will put you on the right track!