Start of the School Year Excitement!

Is it shallow or unprofessional to admit that one of the reasons I became a teacher is because of the fresh start every year? Even as a child I loved the excitement of the new school year. The new shoes, the new stationary and the new lunch box. I would spend hours organising my pencils into my pencil case and making covers for my new books and folders. Important decisions had to be made about where to place the sharpener and the rubber in my pencil case and what labels I would put on my belongings! My love for the start of the school year has now been fuelled with my career path. In fact, it is even better now because I have a whole classroom to organise!

Choosing a Theme

A new year is a fresh start with all new students, new content to teach and (my favourite) new classroom themes. This year I have gone with a ‘cute monster’ theme. While I was creating my new labels and classroom displays I decided to create some other themed packs for you! Feel free to take a look to see if there are any planner packs that would suit your class.

Classroom Displays

I have also created a visual timetable for your students who need reassurance when it comes to routine and a classroom job chart/ responsibility display. The job charts match the planner packs so that if you like to have everything matching, you can!

Facebook Community

As the build up to the start of the year continues, I will be creating new resources to help you get started into the new year. To stay up to date, why not join our Facebook Group ‘Casual Case Classroom Resources’? Not only does our Facebook Group keep you up to date with what resources are available on the website but it also has free resources uploaded into the file section.

Have fun organising your classrooms. I know I will!