So it is the beginning of another new school year. Although on the whole there is an air of excitement among teachers, I have read many comments on social media that display anxiety and apprehension. Teachers new to the profession are often thrown in the deep end and it can be scary. As a teacher, I can assure you that it does get easier. However graduate teachers also need to remember how amazing they really are and all the positives they have to offer. The enthusiasm and commitment of new teachers needs to be bottled! Their flexibility and attitude with respect to feedback is a credit to them.

So how can Casual Case help all the the graduate teachers out there? Read our Survival Guide for tips and tricks.

I often use the Casual Case Online Resources like a homepage on my Interactive Whiteboard or SMART board to help engage the students. It has all my online links in one spot so I can navigate from websites quickly. Why not try it?

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